Thursday, April 26, 2007

Of nice emails and bad smells.

We got an email passed on to us from Stephanie Bruno, the writer of our InsideOut series. Apparently, the mother of a former owner caught the article and has been following our progress. It was kind of neat to see that even a former owner of the house still feels some connection to it. We invited her for a tour, hope she likes what we've done (or rather, will do) with the place!

Charlie is supposed to start today, but we'll see if that actually happens. At this point, finding another place to live is the priority. I toured the French Quarter candidate yesterday, and was optimistic. Unfortunately, the place smelled a bit too "cat pee" for my tastes. You may know how Kayla and I feel about cat pee. My dog park mafia associate said he had some other places that might work out, so I'll keep on it.

The horrible dumpster in front of Walter's house got moved, we're wondering who did it. Ah, the little mysteries that make life interesting, right?