Monday, April 16, 2007

The novelty has not yet worn off...

Greetings all. A pretty good and productive weekend was had by Kayla and I. We took The Beeb to her first intermediate obedience class, and she did pretty well. We found out it also has some elements of agility training, which she took to super quick. It also served to get her pretty tired out for the rest of the weekend. We did FQF for most of Sunday, and got a little sun in the process. The Beeb enjoyed it as well, and got scads of attention, just like she likes. If only the weather stayed that nice all the time.

Also, on Saturday we saw on our porch a letter-sized FedEx package. Wouldn’t you know, we got our magical "golden ticket." Now, all we have to do is fill it out, mail it back, and wait another few months to hear about closing. Hooray! At least with this stage, I have the phone number and email address of someone in "constituent services" to keep an eye on. Hopefully that may help. It's getting mailed off today, so wish us luck!