Friday, December 21, 2007

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Thursday, December 20, 2007


A woman is tended to by other protesters after she was tasered during demostrations outside City Hall.

Okay, maybe it's just me, but....why is this woman not in custody? She apparently did something worthy of being tased (bro), but is being tended to by random protesters? It's unfathomable to think the NOPD would allow civilians to aid an arrestee. What is the SOP for use of a taser? I find it hard to imagine a circumstance where the police can use (potentially) deadly force, and just walk away without making an arrest. Huh?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Generously, the TP has provided a poster "welfare queen" for the pro-project-demolition people. I mean, you just can't make stuff like this up.

Sharon Jasper sits in the living room of her voucher-backed private residence. "I might be poor but I don't like to live poor. I thank God for a place to live but it's pitiful what people give you.

She goes on to say that she'd probably fare better in a tent in Duncan Plaza. After all, she complained of "missing window screens, a slow leak in a sink, a warped back door and a few other details of a residence that otherwise appeared to have been recently renovated."

Friday, December 14, 2007


On a lark, I decided to finally compare New Orleans' murder rate with those of other places. I'm assuming New Orleans (proper) has 450,000 people. This is a slight overestimation by most accounts that are credible. There have been 209 murders this year (so far). That equates to a murder rate of 46.4 per 100,000. Murder rates are used to approximate overall crime because they can't be easily downgraded or classified as something else, as the NOPD has a storied history of doing.

Anyway, here's are some cities with which to compare New Orleans. I used 2006 FBI data and I imagine the crime rates of most major cities haven't had significant reason to drop or increase least in a year's time.

New York City - 13.6
Chicago - 16.4
Camden, NJ - 40
Newark, NJ - 37.5
Gary, IN - 48
Detroit, MI - 47.5
Los Angles, CA - 12.4
Houston, TX - 18.2
Washington, DC - 29.1
Baltimore, MD - 43.8 (Take THAT The Wire!)
Philadelphia, PA - 27.8

Of cities similar in size to New Orleans:

Atlanta, GA - 22.9
Fresno, CA - 11.8
Cleveland, OH - 16.6
Kansas City, MO - 25
Omaha, NE - 8
Oakland, CA - 36.4
Baton Rouge - 27.1 (assuming 210,000 2006 population)

Watch out Detroit! We've got your number!

Think about this: According to the NOPD, you don't have to worry about getting murdered if your'e not a young, black, drug-dealing male. What do you think the overall population of those are in Orleans Parish? Certainly not all 450,000 of us, as I know that Kayla and I don't match that description (I'm not black..ha ha). So, half? That brings the rate up to over 90. A quarter? 180? What's the murder rate per capita in Baghdad? No, really. What is it? I can't find anything that's not from newsmax or Fox News.

You'd think instead of the bitching about public housing (where, incidentally there are over 500 properties (PDF) currently available for section 8 tenants), we'd be focused on this.

Anyway, back to work.


It's interesting that the campus remains open. I wonder if two sorority girls had been murdered in their east campus apartment, it would still be.

It is reassuring to know, however, that the LSU spokesperson is capable of NOPD-level inanity.

"Police actually think it was a straight home invasion and not a concern to the rest of the campus," said Kristine Calongne, a university spokeswoman.

Phew, I was about to get worried there.

In other news, our hot water heater quit working this morning and Kayla had to take her second cold water shower. The first was when we realized we were completely out of propane at 10:30 at night. I fortunately have the gym, usually. This no-tub thing is getting old fast. The trailer maintenance guy is supposed to come today to fix it. We'll see.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


BB lounging in her private dog park.

Also, from, your federal tax dollars at work, The End:

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Excuses, excuses...

No posts lately as Kayla and I are in the process of moving back into the not-yet-finished house. We'll be camping out in a couple of rooms and hoping to get the tub working soon. We even have a toilet now, so bully for us!