Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another day.

Not much to report today, really. Look for another article in the T-P this weekend, with a photo even. The reporter saw the blog and that we got our letter and thought an update was in order. This is also the case because we signed with contractor #2 yesterday. He's supposed to start next week, so we have to finish clearing out the second floor of everything remaining. He's going to have to take out a good bit of drywall in order to inspect the structural damage caused by the gross negligence of James Kim and CMC Construction, Inc.

Kayla and I also spoke with a playright last night who is doing background for a play she's writing about New Orleanians and their Katrina experiences. I'll keep everyone posted as to how that's coming along and when you can start lining up at the TKTS in New York.
We were planning on going to the Wednesday at the Square this afternoon, but I won't be able to because of a Broadmoor meeting I forgot about. As Super Secretary of the BDC, I kind of have to go to these, especially since I found out about it in January. Oh well, there will be other Wednesdays and other batches of fried pickles.

You know, I haven't included a non-sequitur picture of The Beeb in, why not?

This is her, "I'm about to be very, very bad" face.