Friday, April 6, 2007

Good (weather) Friday

It's one of those really nice days in New Orleans that almost makes you forget how horrendously hot it's about to get. If only French Quarter Fest would have weather this nice.

The Crescent City Classic is tomorrow, and passes a 1/2 block from our apartment. It should be kinda fun to watch all those thousands of people (still relatively fresh) jogging by. We would have done it this year, but well, time got away from us and figured it would be a better us of our time to do productive stuff. Maybe next year, right?

Kayla is furiously studying away at her physics. Does anyone have a suggestion for a textbook that would help answer those basic questions in detail? Study guides are a little too physics brief and assume too much knowledge.

The Beeb seems to be doing much better. We went on a very long walk yesterday and she was most pleased. She was even something less than crazy last night. There's hope yet!