Friday, April 20, 2007

Good news, bad news

We got an email from the landlady yesterday informing us she had good news and bad news. The good news was that she had talked to the Sewer and Water Board and they had fixed the water bill she had disputed. Phew! Oh, and the bad news (for us, anyway), is that the apartment is under contract and we have to be out by May 19th. Oh, and there will still be random, with little to no forewarning, showings, so keep it tidy! So, now we're back to finding a place to live while the house is worked on. Good luck finding a short-term lease that will allow The Beeb (although, how could you not want a dog as cute as her hanging around?). Hey, what's one more thing, right? I'm starting to feel like Giles Corey ("more weight!"). Bet you didn't expect an Arthur Miller reference this morning, did you?

In other news, on the way to our cars this morning, some drunk asshole hits me as I'm giving his friend directions to a FQ bar that's open at 8:00a.m. Turns out he thought I was "pointing" at him when I was directing them back toward Bourbon. K and I were unharmed, 911 was called, and said asshole will at least spend a few hours at OPP, and perhaps even get one of the world famous baloney sandwiches. One of the arresting officers called me to tell me that the defendant is going to Iraq tomorrow and his girlfriend had left him (gee, I wonder why?). While if true that sucks, perhaps I'm crazy in thinking that doesn't give him license to cold-cock me out of nowhere? Oh, right, try to make *me* feel bad because I called the cops on a drunk tourist who, unprovoked, assaulted a local. Why else would this guy (or the cop) relate all this information but for trying to make everyone feel bad for poor him. It's discouraging to see the NOPD spouting the same well-I-have-an-excuse-for-being-a-shitbag reasoning I read from pro se inmates every day. Except it's supposed to somehow be different when it's a black purse-snatching crack addict. Not as much tolerance there, right? According to his friend, this gentleman had been an asshole and starting shit all night.

Yesterday I also had a strange conversation with a guy a Broadmoor neighbor had called me about. Apparently, two guys were walking around the house, taking pictures, and banging on the trailer door. Allegedly they are appraisers for the Road Home, and they are re-appraising our house. When I told him the RHP has done this TWICE already, he told me those were just unqualified adjusters. Since January 2007, ICF is now hiring appraisers to reevaluate houses because the previous ones had been low. Now, we're both happy with our award as is. I don't see this turning out well, but I hope I'm wrong.

To end on a positive note, The Beeb is feeling much better and went to the dog park for the first time in a month. I think she's grown in that time because she seems bigger than some of the other "regulars." She played and had a gay old time, but got tired quickly because she's a little out-of-shape now. We better cut back on the treats!

You know, if you're new to the blog and/or us, you may think I'm nothing but doom and gloom. Lately, you'd be right. Good stuff does happen to us, really it does. We recognize it when it happens and appreciate it (The Beeb being a prime example). It's just hard to stay upbeat when life has been a harder-than-average slog for what's approaching two years. I've always been something of an Eeyore, but Kayla is becomming less Tigger-ish. Hopefuly we can get this turned around.

Who says I'm ALL doom and gloom.