Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Supremely Wrong

Testing out their new box of crayons, the US Supremes have propounded another steaming pile. For the record, the opinion is insane. There are but a precious few citations to case law. The rest is rank speculation of the prosecutor's "intent" and the trial court's rationale. This opinion would make an F in a writing class in law school. The majority even goes as far as saying that the juror in question "could have made up the class time with one or two hours a week" because it was "early in the fall semester." Apparently Alito, J. did a brief stint at the SUNO education school. I shudder to think what this we have to second guess every voir dire challenge for cause? Hey, who cares if it isn't in the record? We all just *know* how it goes.

Unmitigated bullshit. The "biased practice" that went on in Snyder happens every day in every state.

But the commenters should keep talking about white jurors and black defendants and backwards-as-hell JP. You know, it would have made far more sense for the opinion to have been, "Dude, it's fucking JP. C'mon!"

What's more troubling that the only two Js that agreed with me are Scalia and Mini-Scalia. I guess a broken clock is right twice a day.