Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring showers

Well, we've got a shower and a tub now. Shower door got measured today and should be in in a couple of weeks.

The floors are done, so the final stages of trim work are set to restart on Monday. Once that's done, the only thing we'll have left to do in the house will be the kitchen. That is going to be a nightmare, I imagine, because of the way dumbfuck Charlie laid out the pipes behind the stove. However, we'll at least have furniture to sit on while we look at a half-finished kitchen. Countertops are still being researched. Preliminary findings are that they are going to cost a lot of "money."

This weekend we're going to go pick up some furniture from storage (in New Orleans and New Iberia) and put it in the house. We've ordered a bed online, and it should be in next tuesday. I'll believe furniture when I see it in the house. Now, if the current contractor can avoid more damage to the floors (than they've done already, mostly by sloppy painting) we'll be in bidness.

Also, just got off the phone with the lawyer in our suit against the first contractor. Turns out the general liability policy doesn't covery shoddy workmanship of the insured. This has been upheld by Louisiana appellate courts. As a result, we have to recover from the contractor directly. As it happens, their phone number is "disconnected or is no longer in service."

Fuck you, contracting industry.