Monday, March 10, 2008

Brief update.

Answers to an email from the author of our newspaper articles requesting a status report:

We have a fully functional bathroom absent a door, the floors were re-polyurethaned wonderfully well, and the fourth contractor is doing the last bit of touch ups and shoe molding. As expected, the trim work is costing more than we expected. While they have messed some things up, I do have to say they've been very willing to fix it. We will, however, be glad to have everybody out of the house. The Beeb may miss the guys as she likes them, and they like her.

Charlie is still "in the wind" and we are finding new screw-ups daily.

We found out from our lawyer (eventually) that CMC's insurance company will only cover the damage, not the shoddy work. For that, we'd have to go after CMC. Their number is now disconnected. This would also likely be the case against Charlie, and good luck collecting from him.

We went to New Iberia to pick up a couch, table, and some boxes of stuff. It was kind of nice having an empty house, uncluttered by stuff. :) Still waiting on the cabinets we ordered a couple weeks ago. May have a line on countertops, but haven't decided if we want to go "green" (ironic, because it takes a lot of it to be it) or stick with granite. Still not sure who is going to install the appliances (at least the non-electrical aspects of it).

Last night we sat on the couch, and watched TV while Beeb slept at our feet. It was almost normal, but for the lack of curtains and blinds. :)

Of course it would turn out the stuff we want to move back in first is at the back of the storage unit. :)

Folks coming up this week hopefully to help with little bits of paint touch up, and more furnture as the weather and my truck permit.