Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well, the dryer appears to be fixed now. Hooray! No more kicking it old school putting clothes out on a line to air dry. I guess Al Gore will shed a tear once he senses a disturbance in the ecoforce.

Also, I found out that our property tax situation has been (somewhat) resolved. As it happens, we now have a credit with the city to the tune of $1200. Once it "hits our account," us or the mortgage company can request a check for the balance. I doubt that check will ever get mailed. As a result, I just figure I've got a $1200 parking ticket credit. I think from now on I'll be parking on the front steps of the Court.

Oh yeah, since I guess we're fucking relevant now, Senator O. made a visit to New Orleans touting his recovery plan. Funny, he didn't make much of an issue about it before. Wonder why the change of tune? Hmmmm.....