Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday

Kayla and I survived another Mardi Gras season. Her ride in Orpheus went great, and we had a nice time in the French Quarter yesterday in our costumes. I hope to have a picture of them up soonish.

In other news, turns out Charlie is "pissed" at us because we're too demanding about the timeframe of the cabinets. He claims to have "only gotten the measurements" five weeks ago. Uh huh. So, as I've been told, he has the cabinets finished, but we aren't going to get them. He said he had a lawyer send us a letter advising us he was pulling out of the contract. He's also claiming we've "cost him" contracts because of the "trashing" he's been getting in the paper. Uh huh.

The leaks we discovered are actually only one. One was a spilled bottle of NyQuil. So we only have to tear out one section of wall instead of two.

We have a mysterious horrible smell in our kitchen that seems to be coming from behind the bar wall. It hasn't subsided at all in over a week and we're starting to get nervious as to what it is.

Two years of trailer showers are getting old, but we still have no leads on the shower in the house.

We hope to have the dryer fixed this week, to the tune of about $200. At least it didn't burn the house (with Beeb in it) down.

Still no word from our lawyer re: our lawsuit. He, too, has disappeared.

Still no word from the credit union regarding them paying our city taxes twice. I doubt they've disappeared, but they aren't returning my calls or emails. Hooray!

I'm just a blog o' joy, aren't I?

I stumbled across this today. God, I wish I could believe it. Unfortunately, us folks in this part of the world are no longer Americans.