Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Yay, short week!

Well, I suppose I've been a rather negligent blogger as of late, substituting pictures for actual content. Sadly, there isn't too much more to report. Charlie is getting finished with the work originally contracted for, and has submitted a bid for the next stage. He appears to be moving quite rapidly and effectively, so that's been a good thing.

Still no movement whatsoever on our battle with James Kim and CMC Construction, Inc. of Virginia.

Kayla and I are pretty much settled into the new apartment now. The holiday weekend was nice as we were able to take The Beeb to the dog park twice a day all three days. That resulted in a sleeping Beeb each night by around 8pm or so. She's a perfect dog when she's sleeping. I do have to admit, however, that she's settled down a lot in the last month or so. She's acting crazy less and less. Now, having said that, she'll have destroyed everything in her kennel when I get home.

We also are almost caught up on Lost. Just the season finale to go. We can't wait!