Thursday, May 31, 2007

No, wait, it gets better.

Every other day isn't too bad, right?

Well, turns out the cheap-ass landlord's cheap-ass electrical wiring has given up the ghost. With the rolling brownouts starting last night, we spent the night with no AC in 88% humidity. Moreover, Kayla gets home at lunch and informs me EVERYTHING in the fridge is warm. Seems there isn't enough juice going through the lines to kick on the compressors of the AC or the fridge. The other appliances have been acting wonky as well, and the crazy landlord had better hope that my TV was not permanently affected by the low voltage.

So, they SWEAR it's Entergy's problem. Uh huh. So, they're waiting on Entergy to come out, who will tell them it's their problem. This will likely be 4 or 5 this afternoon (assuming for the best that it's still sometime today). As a result, they won't pay the extra to get an electrician out there today. I think we'd be lucky to have one tomorrow.

And this guy has the never to scream at me within the first 30 seconds of meeting me asking if I'm going to "complain about everything?"

This is why we pay a mortgage.