Friday, May 4, 2007

Closing day

Big day yesterday. First I had to go to the bank to get our account information on Chase letterhead so we could get a direct deposit of our RHP money. They wanted to argue with me about it, saying that a regular page was just fine, and that's what the manager preferred and "it would be ok." This went back and forth until I had to bring out the, "I don't care what she prefers. This is what the RHP told me to bring to closing, and they're the ones with the money. I have fought them for seven months, and I'm not about to have closing fall through because YOU won't give me letterhead." I think I restrained myself rather well under the circumstances.

The closing itself was fast and easy. We showed up about 20 minutes early, and they took us about five minutes early. The signing of the documents took about 20 minutes, but most of that was our English-not-a-first-language person was scanning our drivers licenses and thumb prints. As we walked out, an attorney asked us if our signatures were ours, presumably so he could notarize it later. Uh, right. Very professional operation they have going. They tell us that we'll get our money in about five days. I don't believe it, but then, I won't until I see it in the account. Can you blame me?

I looked at one more apartment yesterday afternoon. It was in a pretty nice location, being on Esplanade right off Royal. It even had a pool. It was also $300 a month more than we're already paying and getting dangerously close to our mortgage payment. I refuse to pay in rent what we're already having to pay in a mortgage. The apartment I had intended to see vanished at the last minutes as the owner changed his mind about renting it. It seems like the good prospects are disappearing as get closer to them, almost as if they were mirages and we'll be living in our cars. I guess that's an overstatement. The Beeb would eat our cars if it ever came to that.