Thursday, April 19, 2007

My soapbox.

In a non-rebuilding related rant, our hero self-absorbedly blogs about current events.

I tend to agree showing the VT shooter video this soon is pointless at best, and ghoulish at worst (assuming anyone cares what I agree with). While NBC's justification was to show it to "help prevent future horrors" by letting people "see the warning signs," I can't see how that, or any other, positive purpose is served here. I mean, the guy was bat-shit crazy. There's no real insight into the pathology of the "dark loner" in an unfiltered, psychotic rant against "the rich people" and women. If you saw this guy on the street doing this, you'd pretty much figure to stay the hell away from him. The trick is that these folks don't do this stuff in public, and it's only after the shooting rampage does anyone discover these videos. Moreover, for 33 families, this is probably the most disrespectful thing any network could do. They fake a good game about being somber and solemn with their sad music introing the Today show..but c'mon. Stop assuming all of us are that stupid.

What showing the video does do, however, is serve as another scathing indictment against the VT campus police, and building/campus security in general. This guy had time to stop at the campus post office and send this stuff *between* bloodbaths? Moreover, an email blast? Really, was that the best they could do? Sadly, probably so. Lemme get on my preparedness soapbox for second. If a crazed shooter walked into your building or place of employment right now, is there any way for you to find out what's going on without having to see or hear it yourself? Probably not. As much as I detest the IT department here, one nice feature of our super fancy digital phones is the ability to broadcast over the speakerphone part. Now, do they have protocols in place to use it as a warning device? I'd doubt it. Still, it's nice to think the capability is there. That's why I guess we need to get the Broadmoor SMS system up and running...the emergency preparedness committee better get on that. Oh, wait, that's right....

UPDATE: Wow, this is pretty spectacular.