Friday, August 31, 2007

Snappy answers to stupid questions, Part the First

I frequently make the mistake of reading the comments on newspaper articles featuring New Orleans. They never fail to get me unbelievably pissed off. So, I endeavor to compile a list of the stupid statements and the concomitant rational responses. I know, I know, spitting in the wind.

1) New Orleans is a bowl below sea level, thus it is "stupid" to rebuild in such a location.

First, New Orleans is not a bowl, but as I've seen described recently, is instead a cafeteria tray with different compartments.

The neighborhood in which we leave, Broadmoor, was created in the late 1910's by the draining of "Redfish Pond." People building houses in this new development knew this, and thus they built their homes fairly well elevated, or as raised basements with the living space on the second story. Our house, built in 1925, had never flooded, even during the previous benchmark 1995 flood.
Further, there is often a conflation of "flood plain" and "sea level" by the dipshits who are fond of conclusory statements. The White House is built on a flood plain. Much of the midwest lies in flood plains. The only difference is the amount of time the water stays in the house once it floods, not if it will flood. The residents of Coffeyville, KS, found this out the hard way.

Moreover, Manhattan is an island, much of which is not far above sea level and thus not out of danger of severe storm surge should that COASTAL city be hit by a hurricane. Just search here for "11 Wall Street." Why would anyone build the NYSE there?!