Thursday, August 9, 2007


Today is foam day. Months ago at the old apartment, the maintenance guy from the hotel across the street told us he is a licensed electrician and that he'd love to help us out when we could use it. Last week we asked him to come check out my work on the second floor to make sure it was ok to put in foam and walls.

Well, he came out yesterday afternoon, and was well impressed. He even said that he has a lot of work and could use some help. I'm not sure if that was hyperbole, but I'll pretend it wasn't. I may have him help me (or I help him) with the 1st floor work that remains. He also has a friend who has an HVAC license who can help get our 2nd floor AC going again. One that happens, it's almost like we'll have a livable house.

Minor setback with the upstairs bathroom floor. For some reason, Charlie's guy decided to put a mortar bed of over 1" down. As a result, the finished product was super wavy and uneven. Charlie had to rip it all up and do it over (at his suggestion, admittedly). Fortunately (?) he told me to get 160 sq ft of tile, when we only needed 80. As a result, we had twice as much as we needed, and thus had material on hand for him to redo the floor. It should be done today, and we can then put the newly refinished tub in, and hook it up to our mostly-fuctioning water heater. Walls, toilets, hot water, oh my!

Walls up tuesday. I can't believe it. We'll see if it actually happens.