Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two thoughts.

Wow, multiple posts in one day, after very sporatic posting.

Anywho, two thoughts.

1) I'm rather disappointed in the New Orleans blogging community because there seems to be little, if anything, about the Burma cyclone. Apart from snarkiness about Laura's condemnation of the Burmese government's lack of response, there's not much. No calls to help, no identification with what they're going through, nothing.

2) We are still rather lucky to be living in the United States. While we got little help from the Federal government, at least they weren't acting to prevent aid from getting to us to the extent the Burmese junta is. The Feds did decline international help, but at least we had infrastructure remaining that made recovery possible. Sure, you had to go to the Home Depot in Baton Rouge or Lowes in T-daux, but you could still drive there.

Anywho, to all eight people who read this, go contribute. There certainly won't be any benefit concerts. We're too busy obsessing over Obama/Hillary '08.