Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back to the future.

Short update and a video.

1) Charlie is still completely MIA. He won't return phone calls at all. I'm about to go leave a business card on his shop's door with a note that he just won himself a set of custom cabinets.

2) Our new contractor just "decided" that he doesn't want to do the shower like he had contracted for. I suspect that when the sub-plumber came out to look at it, he saw more work than contractor #4 had budgeted for, due to Charlie's fuck-ups. I find it hard to believe that his (#4) company is now suddenly out of the shower-building business due to a "problem with the plumber."

3) Our mortgage holder says we're $1500 short on our escrow account after they fucked up and paid our property taxes twice, rather than look up what happened, as I had instructed.

Fucking bullshit, every one.

Now, the video.