Monday, July 30, 2007

A big F you, Louisiana.

From today's T-P:

Still, documents and interviews with state and federal officials show the state knew or should have known from the start that even that increased allocation would never cover the program they promised back home.

I'm shocked, shocked, shocked, I tell you. The problem lies (lays?) in the fact that the RHP and the Feds severely misunderestimated how badly the insurance companies fucked homeowners. So, the insurance company bailout program (which of course didn't prevent them from jacking up rates anyway) didn't quite comprehend the depth of the pure evil of the aforementioned benefactees. To be clear, the intended recipients of aid have never been homeowners.

Also from the article:
Knecht, after months of frustration interactions with Road Home advisers, finally managed to get the ear of a top supervisor and told him he had shared his tale of woe with the newspaper. He suddenly got an e-mail Friday saying his appraisal would be accepted and that he could close on a grant within weeks. Though ecstatic, Knecht kept it in perspective. "For the average person who doesn't get to talk to the top people, I don't know if they could ever get their money," he said.

Gee. Sound familiar?

In other news, I think we may actually get to insulating the second floor this week. Hooray!