Thursday, May 3, 2007

C'mon, what else?

Today is allegedly the big day. Last night, however, when examining our closing documents I noticed an error in the legal description for the house. Seems as if someone moron at either the RHP or First American (each blames the other, natch) copy and pasted the wrong information. Instead of the tax bill number and legal description (LOT F, SQUARE Q, etc.) for our house, there are the details for some random house in Lakeview.

Now, while this mightn't be a problem for most, it could be for me. You see, the practice of law depends heavily on the public trust. As a result, the bar committee tends to frown on fraud. If I sign a witnessed document attesting to the veracity of something that I KNOW if false, I'm committing fraud. Ergo, this is a big deal to me, my unused license, and my student loans.

So, like a good citizen I called both the RHP and First American. Both blamed the other for the error, but swore that it "shouldn't be a problem." When asked what happens if we show up and it's still not fixed, nobody could tell me. Great. So, we go to closing (unless they call to cancel between now and then) hoping for the best. If you've been paying attention for the last seven months, you know how much sense that makes.