Friday, November 16, 2007


I went to the "Thank You" party put on by Hizzoner yesterday evening on my way to the gym. It appeared to be a event that was supposed to get locals to come downtown after work to get some free food. What it turned out to be was a photo opportunity for said pol and free food for confused tourists and homeless people who had wandered over from Duncan Plaza.

What struck me was that as I walked down the sidewalk, I saw hizzoner himself. And instead of feeling any amount of thrill that, hey, there's the mayor, or hey, there's a famous person. All I felt was utter contempt. I actually wanted to go smack that race-bating, opportunist, corrupt, walking embarassment in the back of his shiny head. I guess what's surprising is that I've always been one to revere political institutions. Feeling this level of distrust for the government is something new. Perhaps I should move to Idaho.